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    Found an old Linux hard drive

    Definately a LOT of hardware listed there... You stated you got around user login. HOW? The picture is fine b but upside down. Its most likely a duel boot setup with PC Dos and Linux whatever.....
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    POST error 662 on IBM PS/1 - Model 2155

    I don,t see any twist at the end of the cable.
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    Help with an error message

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here at vcfed.org
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    Wondering about a vintage computer for both floppies and USB

    File formats supported by AbiWord https://fileinfo.com/software/abisource/abiword
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    Amstrad PCW 9512 and MS Windows 3.1

    From what I can gather no. Your system is a Zilog Z80 set up not x86.