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    Spectrum ZX 128k - complete newbie

    For likely worth, my answer is always that you should check SOLD listings on ebay and similar to see what they have sold for recently, and bear in mind that it would be ones sold as 'for spares or repair' that you would need to check because obviously ones stated to be fully working will have...
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    Spectrum ZX 128k - complete newbie

    Second image in the OP has +2A on the on screen image, presumably that makes it one of the Grey (Amstrad) 128s. (Edit: cross posted with David above.) I would not be in too much of a hurry to look for a hardware cause for this, it has all the hallmarks of a modern flatscreen looking at the...
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    Spectrum ZX 128k - complete newbie

    That's good info about the test modes, I wasn't even aware of those. It looks to me as though the display can't really decide how to frame the old-school video signal coming out of the Spectrum - in one image it's put the initial prompt right at the bottom of the screen and in the other it is...
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    Spectrum ZX 128k - complete newbie

    Hi Steve - how do you have this connected to your TV / display - via RF and tuned in, or via an RGB cable plugged into the monitor-out socket?
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    Desoldering technique

    You just beat me to it - I don't have a hot plate for uniformly warming the PCB with but if you have a hot-air wand of the sort that you would typically use for SMD rework, toasting the underside of a double sided PCB in a good radius around the work area makes it a lot easier for your...
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    How ZX Spectrum +2 use with RS232 port?

    If I remember correctly the built in 'RS232' port on the +2 just uses two regular parallel I/O port pins (part of the sound chip?) so the RS232 input and output are effectively 'bit-banged' in firmware. It can only really receive RS232 characters or transmit them, but not both at the same time...
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    The RIFA Experience

    Assuming that's an SMPSU, the big RIFA could be part of the start-up chain* although they are more typically low value electrolytics in that position: They are often mounted near hot-running devices and evetually dry out as they don't have a lot of electrolyte to lose. Maybe someone decided, in...
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    Just paid for my first BBC Micro computer!

    My then friend over the road had both a BBC B and an Amstrad CPC 6128 (CPC with a disk drive) - his family had a little bit more money to throw around than mine did ;). I do like the Amstrad machines when they aren't masquerading as something else. Fun fact: In the Shetland Islands, Scotland...
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    Just paid for my first BBC Micro computer!

    I wasn't even aware that +128K upgrade existed - I own two Spectrums, my original 48K rubber-key specimen and also a Spectrum 128K+2 which I bought during the dying months of my long love affair with Sinclair which had begun with the MK14, but I was finally seduced away by the Atari ST not long...
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    Just paid for my first BBC Micro computer!

    Unfortunately that is what we Brits would consider to be a vast distance (hundreds of miles) away from me, sorry - had she been somewhere up in the north east of England I might have been able to put out feelers for one available locally. It would obviously be too late now anyway. I will say...
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    Just paid for my first BBC Micro computer!

    Verault, which area in the UK (roughly - which county?) is / was your wife due to be visiting? Not asking for door number / street name, just wondering if it might be possible to find you a BBC B in the area she's coming to, if indeed she is still coming.
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    Atari SF354 with weird PSU connector.

    I'm wondering if the original 5-pin socket broke at some point in the unit's history and was replaced with what the repairer had handy (a 7-pin PCB mount socket) - pins 1-5 would still be in the correct places and the extra two socket holes wouldn't prevent a 5-DIN plug from being plugged in. I...
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    Obnoxious eBay "please use our app!" popover

    Add to this, gadgets which insist you install a smartphone app in order to configure / connect them - smart speakers, smart house controllers, things like that, rarely if ever offer a PC-based version of their configuration 'app'. It's not just apps, though, it's the 'Mobilisation' of websites...
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    Need help IDing UK game system

    Looking in from the UK here - there are a quite a few retro computer people in the 'vintage computing' subsection of the UK Vintage Wireless forum here:- https://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/index.php I've alerted them to your thread but so far this system is as much a mystery to us as it is to...
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    Commodore 1081 monitor dim image

    Mine has worked ever since it was repaired back in 1986 (... I shouldn't really jinx it by saying that, should I?) but that is something worth my writing down on the circuit diagram for the future. Well done to all concerned.
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    Commodore 1081 monitor dim image

    Forgot to add. When I bought my (seemingly identical) Philips CM8524 back in around 1986, I found that it did not work in RGB mode, only in composite mode. As it was under warranty I took it back, it was repaired by the retailer's off site repair shop and came back working. As I wasn't involved...
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    Commodore 1081 monitor dim image

    Bear in mind that Arn_K said in the initial post that while the 1081 does not work with his Amiga, it does work with his Nintendo so it would be useful to know whether the connection from the Nintendo to the SCART connector is: -Composite only Or -Composite + RGB, with the composite signal in...
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    Commodore 1081 monitor dim image

    My first question would be whether your lead / cable which works with the 1084 is wired for composite video only or for RGB and composite video, or for RGB + composite sync only? The effect you have on screen looks, potentially, as though the monitor is expecting an RGB signal -only- but is...
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    Bad CHIP - CBM 8050 drive - 901887

    I interpret this as meaning that he has substituted the original 901887-01 ROM with an EPROM + Adaptor, but is now seeking an actual replacement ROM. The problem is that these devices weren't programmable, the masked-ROM program code was 'baked in' at the point of manufacture of the chip so...
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    Pet 8032090 universal board no chirp

    Did you mean R752 / R753? If those resistors have failed it is not a bad idea to also replace C753 even if replacing the two resistors (only) does get the monitor back up and running. I saw a recent case where the resistors soon failed again due to C753 breaking down under 'realistic' operating...