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    G3 M4984 boot options not working

    Neither of the slower 350 MHz slot loaders and none of the tray loaders had Firewire ports; you needed an iMac DV for that until the early (and faster) 2001 models came out. Hold down 'C' to boot to CD (if it's bootable) or alternatively hold down ALT to get a list of what the Mac thinks is...
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    Compaq SLT/286 Hard Drive Replacement

    Picked up a Compaq SLT/286 a few months back, tested it briefly after I got it and found that the hard drive was either missing or non-functional (or it works and I just need to set it up, I can't remember). I set it aside as I did not have time to work on it. My questions are twofold: 1: How...
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    Apple 20SC - Bad Drive?

    Bought an Apple 20SC external drive. Good condition, billed as working although when the seller sent me a counter-offer they said they couldn't read anything off the drive. Arrived today, and I can see why: the drive spins up and then almost immediately spins down most of the time. BUT...
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    Macintosh Performa 550 - No Boot

    PRAM battery missing is absolutely not the problem. Again, it worked without a battery (well, with an assumed dead battery) before it got here. For the same reason, I am fairly confident this is not going to be fixed by blanket-replacing capacitors; I can do that after I am sure I am not wasting...
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    Macintosh Performa 550 - No Boot

    Small correction: it's a 4.5V alkaline box, not lithium. One of those Rayovac cube things once common on PCs. I also believe what I thought was a ROM SIMM is actually VRAM on these, but I don't know. It's a 68-pin SIMM bearing an Apple copyright, although 68 pin memory was also an Apple thing so...
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    Macintosh Performa 550 - No Boot

    I picked up (or, rather, had shipped, which I'd have preferred not to but local pickup wasn't an option for the seller) a Performa/LC 550 today that was billed as working when it was packaged up. It did not arrive working. When plugged in, the Trinitron screen turns on (very audible degauss...
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    Macintosh II (M5000) Questions

    I picked up an original Macintosh II recently, in good condition cosmetically and complete but lifeless upon applying power. I got it at a significant discount for that reason. My understanding is that one (or both) of the lithium batteries on the board need to be present and good for the...
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    Packard Bell PB8810

    OK, I tested the Packard Bell monitor with another system and it behaves the same way, so I've determined the monitor is definitely not functional and will need repair. I still don't trust the computer so I'll probably switch the video card out for some ISA VGA card (I have a WD/Paradise card...
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    Packard Bell PB8810

    Here are a few pictures of what I've got...the system itself, the corrosion damage from the battery, and the display.
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    Packard Bell PB8810

    Recently I purchased a Packard Bell PB8810 computer that was sold as untested but complete. It was billed as being an AT clone but I knew better and I was right: it has a 10 MHz Fujitsu 8088 in it. No 8087 unfortunately, but it is complete with the necessary controller cards and video card. Most...
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    DEC Celebris GL 5133ST - No Keyboard

    I picked up a Digital Celebris GL5133ST recently that was billed as being functional except for the keyboard (and a broken install of Windows NT 4). I had figured that it would probably be a simple fix...but it's looking more like I probably have a rather expensive doorstop instead. Here's the...
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    BioStar MB-8433UUD-A + Am486DX4-120: Clock Chip Questions

    I've had this machine sitting around for roughly a year after salvaging it from the corner of a storage room at my place of work. I pulled it out today to try it out and see what did and did not work on it. Supposedly this board comes in a number of different configurations, and this one has a...