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    Tektronix 4054A HoLLyWoOD Syndrome

    Hi folks, I have a Tek 4054A whose beam occasionally wanders and jumps around. This yields a phenomenon I call "Hollywood Syndrome" because letters you type as the beam is sliding about look abut as tidy as the Hollywood Sign. This video shows the effect well: You can really see the cursor...
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    How did computers in the '70s avoid frying DRAM chips?

    I think this is a fairly basic electronics question. If you read datasheets for old DRAMs that used multiple power supplies, you'll find warnings like these: That's "Forward biasing this supply (that's Vbb) with respect to Vss will destroy the memory device". You'll also find instructions...
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    1970s IBM 24-pin ribbon cable connector

    Posting to "Minis and Mainframes" because I'm guessing that most 1970s IBM fans hang out here. I'm looking for plug and socket components for a system of 24-pin connectors that IBM used for ribbon-cable interconnect in the 1970s. Here is a diagram of such a connector: And here are some...
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    A modern Linux hates (bridging) vintage BSD! Any old Ethernet experts know why?

    We all knew the rivalry was real! (Heck, netcraft confirmed it!) (old joke) For months I've been connecting my mid-1980s 4.2BSD box (one of these) to the Internet (in a very limited way!) through a Raspberry Pi (acting as an Ethernet bridge) and an Amazon AWS host. This has allowed me to serve...
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    Sick IBM 5100 DC300 tape cartridges --- plan of attack?

    A few weeks ago I took a chance on eBay for some IBM Problem Solver Library tapes for the IBM 5100. They've arrived, and after replacing the tension bands with the Mobilon bands that have been described elsewhere in this forum, it appears that they're in an unsurprising condition for 44-year-old...
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    Old computers serving HTTP

    After two months of rest and recuperation, our Whitechapel MG-1 is back to serving HTTP requests again at http://mg-1.uk:31132. This is not a dependable computer at all and it will probably be down again by the time you read this. It did make me curious: do other people have old machines...
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    Seeking BrouHaHa Smalltalk

    I'm searching for an old Smalltalk implementation from the mid-'80s called "BrouHaHa". A paper about it is browseable online here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/221321630_BrouHaHa-_A_Portable_Smalltalk_Interpreter I'm interested in running it on a Whitechapel MG-1, but the paper...
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    What's it like to boot 42nix on a NS32016-powered Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1?

    Like this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMQ9EvZLSos Nothing too exciting to watch---a fairly standard 4.2BSD startup and a pre-X11 monochrome graphical environment---but perhaps still interesting to some!
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    WTB: Three button bus mouse (UK/EU preferred)

    Hi all, It's been fun using an old one-button Mac mouse on our old Whitechapel box, but having to use the tactile switches we kludged into our adapter for the two extra buttons is getting a bit tedious. Does anyone have an old three-button Logitech (or no-name compatible) bus mouse lying...
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    help, TCP wizards! 4.2BSD vs Linux congestion control?

    Greetings all, I'm trying to copy some files from a 4.2BSD machine (a Whitechapel MG-1 running 42nix 2.5, for what it's worth) over ethernet via good old-fashioned rsh. I'm encountering a strange problem: the first ten packets seem to transfer fine, but subsequent packets are increasingly...
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    Whitechapel MG-1/Depraz Mouse (grey) pinout

    Greetings, Some friends and I have been working on a Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1. We've replaced the RIFAs, removed the NiCds, and neutralised associated corrosion, and last weekend we powered it on for the first time. It passes the power-on test, which is very encouraging! The display...