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    video to DVD

    Anyone know of any good DVD burners that can convert say .avi or mp4 files and burn to DVD? I had a nice little freeware program on my old windows 7 laptop but upgraded and didn't save it. (my bad) Now for the life of me, I can't find it for download, and can't even remember the name. ugh...
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    Midwest WTB: Apple IIgs monitor cable and keyboard ADB cable.

    Need the one from the IIgs to the matching monitor as well as from the gs to the keyboard. Anyone have any for sale? I can paypal or snail mail a check with a prepaid UPS return label. Just cash the check, box up, and drop off at UPS store. Thanks!! ~Tim
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    IIgs power supply

    Computer runs. Though I haven’t tested it farther than “Check startup device!” Before turning it on for the first time in I assume years, I tested voltages from the psu. -4.96, -12.02, 10.96, 5.02 10.96 seems a little low, should it be recapped? Are there rifa caps in these psu’s? I...
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    EPROM question.

    Motorola MC68HC705C9ACP Discontinued. Is there any modern day alternatives? And can it be programmed or read by my tl866? Thanks!
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    Another Project, help me diagnose.....

    This is a telemeter from a vending machine. It is what communicated over cellular for credit card payment. This is now the third one I've had quit working the exact same way. Just dies. No indication, nothing. Blank screen as if it lost power. All 3 had the same failure. And as a matter...
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    IBM p70 questions....

    Scored this on a local auction last week. Don’t think anyone knew what it was..... Anyhow, First looks it is solid, just dirty and a little yellowed. Have there been any modern solutions for the screen button that breaks in the corner? The latch where you push and it’s supposed to hold. Mine...
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    Apple IIgs proper period correct peripherals?

    I bought a gs off local auction for 65.00. No monitor keyboard or mouse. Help me locate the appropriate peripherals. The gs was the computer I was fond of in gradeschool. We only had 4 out of 12 computers and everyone stormed to the gs’s so I hardly ever got to use one. Help me recreate my...
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    upgrade IOS to unsigned version but not the latest....

    my wifes iphone SE. Running IOS 13. Her apple watch (I gave her for Christmas) requires ios 14 or newer. She looked online and doesn't like 15. looks like 14 is not signed by apple anymore so itunes wont let you just advance to 14, but rather requires you to go straight to 15. Really...
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    WTB: Old PCB boards any condition

    Not for the gold. Looking for boards with mainly LS logic chips, Ram and EEPROMS in the DIP package that can be desolded and used to restock my parts bin for repairing arcade and pinball machines. Anyone have anything?
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    IBM Thinkpad 380ED 2635-5AU *Make Offer!*

    Fully working Iconic Thinkpad 380ED circa 1997 in good to very good condition. This laptop, WAS my childhood. It was the one I first went onto the internet with, it was the one I surfed the net using, it was the one I chatted in message forums (some of those chats were to my now wife of 9yrs)...
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    Help me find the perfect Christmas present....

    For my little niece and nephew. their mom, my sister, is into vintage gaming. The games we used to play growing up. I gave her a firstick preloaded with some old roms a while back and her kids loved it. so now I was thinking about getting them each their own hand held console as the game boy...
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    FREE!!! Super Nintendo (you only pay shipping)

    My wife wants me to clean up. Short notice I know, but there are some boxes going to good will tomorrow evening (Wednesday). So act fast. Someone must want an old Super Nintendo for parts or repair. It’s in the condition I found it. Yellowed. Has no cables included, and when I powered it up...
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    Last Ibook with CD/DVD Rom/burner

    Anyone know? Looking for I7, maybe 8Gig of ram, SSD, and a DVD burner... AFIK its the a1278 series. Is that correct? Thanks!
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    WTB: Macintosh Performa 575 series all in one - any condition

    Performa 575, or any matching all-in-one form factor. Searching for one like I used in high school just for the nostalgia. Any condition, working or not. Can repair myself as long as it's complete. Because: oregon trail, dino park tycoon, and geometric golpher. Emulators are just not the...
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    WTB: kryoflux and compatible drive

    Hello all, just acquired a pile of old 5 1/4 floppy disks. Was told they could contain some old fortran/cobol programs as well as trs-80 programs and typed in BASIC games from pc world magazines some 40+ years ago. I’m intrigued, but I want a way to read the disks RAW data and dissect it from...
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    Old Dell Desktop - Anyone want?

    Not old enough to be "vintage" or "retro" but I rescued it from the landfill a while back. Haven't really used it much. What is it worth? Anything?
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    Bench top power supply from old atx?

    I see tutorials all over.... I’ve got a spare from a mediocre old dell circa 2015 so I’m half tempted to try it. it would be nice if it were variable, which is easy enough. Though I work with voltages higher than 12v DC quite often. As well as some AC voltages up to 36v AC. do you think it’s...
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    ROM Chips keep reading different values

    Hey guys, me again. Working on a 1979 fresh Atari Asteroids console. AR Board, PSU, and Monitor all rebuilt. Recapped the game board but it wont boot. Verifying the ROM chips in my mini pro shows at least one not close. Another two will read and are close but inconsistently read the same. As in...
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    Revo cameras any good?

    Specifically these ones? https://www.samsclub.com/p/revo-ultra-16-channel-4k-smart-nvr-indorr-outdoor-ir-bullet-camera/prod22922691
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    HP elitebook 8460p motherboard failure

    Hello everyone, I'm repairing this for a friend. The motherboard is toast (from what I can see). Does anyone know what the failure point is on them? I believe it is the type with the "advanced" graphics chipset. Which is what I believe failed (chip heats up immediately upon powerup) The...