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    Backup battery and Main battery for Tandy 1400FD

    I have an old Tandy 1400FD that has dead batteries. This was the first computer I ever purchased for myself. I think I got it about 1988? It has been sitting in it's bag unused for several years. Both the main 4-cell battery pack and the RTC backup battery are dead. I was able to get some...
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    Multiple Motherboards/System Boards

    I'm just curious how some of you folks handle your using multiple system boards. Do you have a customize "case", or build unit, where you swap in the motherboard, power supply, video and sound cards, etc. And then run it until you want to test out another system board? Then you take it apart and...
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    Successfully Upgraded 286 to 486

    Successfully Upgraded 286 to 486 I had been trying to repair an old MicroLab 286 that had battery damage on the motherboard. I made some progress cleaning it up but I ended up hitting a wall with my skill level and I abandoned that motherboard. So, I was looking at what I could do to replace...
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    Refurbishing old VIP 286 I bought for my parents in late 80's

    I have been struggling on a refurbish of a MicroLab 286 that I had in my collection but had never tried to get working. That computer ended up with a bad battery corrosion episode and I have so far been unsuccessful in getting it working. I have been getting some hlep with that over here...
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    Struggling to identify motherboard. No manual.

    I am trying to see if I can resurrect this old 286 motherboard. It had a battery leak and lots of corrosion. I got help from this forum on how to get rid of the corrosion here: https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/how-do-i-get-the-battery-corrosion-completely-neutralized.1239025/ But...
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    How do I get the battery corrosion completely neutralized?

    I have been working a couple old 80286 motherboards where the Varta battery has leaked and caused some corrosion on the motherboard. I am using some white vinegar to neutralize the battery corrosion and then cleaning with water and isopropyl alchohol. I have done this a few times and it has...
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    Can I leave the battery off on 8088 and 80286 systems?

    I 've watched a few videos where the Varta battery is cut off the motherboard of an 8088 or 80286. As far as I can tell it is okay to leave the battery off. I will just have to enter the date and time when the OS starts up. Is that correct? Can I leave the motherboard without a battery? Seaken
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    Some of my collection is Vintage

    I just walked around my basement and counted more than 60 computers. Some are not working. Most are. Most are not vintage. Some of them are. Here's the systems I think most here would say are "vintage": (I am in the process of cataloging all this and for now this is from memory) Atari 800...
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    Hello from upstate NY

    Happy to have found this nice forum. I've read all the stickies and think you've done a very nice job setting this place up. I go back as far as dialing in to BBS systems to learn all I could about CP/M. That was in about 1987. Yes, I came late to the game. I was born in Seattle, WA in 1964 and...