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Hi, I found your post on the 4MB RAM extension for IBM PS/1, and the github project, nice!

Do you have one or two spares by any chance? Looking to upgrade my 'new' PS/1

Hi Chris: I have a possible defective ST251-1. Reason for me contacting you was to ask if you have any ST251-1 control cards still for sale. i would be interested since you seem to know a lot about Seagate MFM drives.
North Star Horizon frame and motherboard (with modern switching power supply), Compupro CPU-Z processor board, Compupro RAM 17 64k SRAM board, Morrow DJ-DMA fdc. Motherboard is sorted (I think), working now on bringing up the CPU-Z

Also an Altair 8800c retro build with a JAIR 8080 to provide the CPU and RAM, 88-2SIOJP serial board and monitor, and FDC+ floppy contoller
Where in California?

I'm in San Diego and have a 4 NGA in a 4D case with a clustered arrow keyboard sitting here. gotek and DSDD in the lower drive bay, stock bay in the upper. Has a 4D (green) monitor which was NOS.

In essence a 4D with a 4 non-gate-array main board.
Sounds awesome. Cosmetically good? I am in Sacramento.
I had some spare time today so I updated my comments about the Olivetti L1M20 memory map above 512K. I also included some old MS-DOS/PC-DOS utilities for PC-DOS version 2.00 more or less. Other L1m34 notes. But I did not include any disassemblers or cross-compilers or cross-translators.

I hope this method of contact is OK.

1. I scanned documents for the NCR PC8. How can I contact the Oldcomputers-ddns.org website? I didn't find an email address.

2.My DMV is booting again with Gotek. Do you know anyone who has a DMV 10Mb image I could use with David Gesswein's MFM emulator? I'm still having no success with the hard drive.

Best regards

Jon Hales
By any chance are you still interested in the AST Ascentia A series laptops? I have 4 AST's & 2 Samsung Sens 500's (same but blue) in various states of repair. No AC adapter found yet so all untested 4 now. 2 of the AST's are missing keyboards, floppy drives, hard drives, CPU & maybe more? AKA parts machines. The other 4 seem complete with floppy drives and maybe batteries.

Don B.
Hi I just found your post.

I am member of a Multibus email group in US, UK and elsewhere. I'm interested in your Xenix floppy disks and the hard drive.

Did you offer the SYP312 for sale on VCF - or on eBay or other online sales platform? If the system has a new owner, I'd like to about getting copies of the disks.

If not, one of my friends near LA might collect.


Jon Hales
How many 5.25-inch floppies?
I'm not sure what you are referencing here?
WAIT! You must mean the MS-DOS disks. Unfortunately, I just went to look and they aren't where I put them. I'm sorry, it looks like they got into the wrong pile when cleaning. My apologies.
Hi Geoff, yes, if you could send me that correct image, that would be greatly appreciated. My direct email address is davidk@blackice.com.au if that assists.

If you are interested in the other images let me know as I hope to have them all on my PC later.

Hi, I am interested in the Compaq LTE 5300. I Have one thats a parts unit, and hopefully can make it functional again.
Hello! Do you have any of those 2MB RAM expansions for IBM PS/1 2011? If you have any, I will very gladly buy one.

At the moment I have 161/163 errors as my Dallas chip has run out and also floppy is not working properly. I ordered a NOS Dallas chip.

After RAM upgrade, the next thing I would like to find out if there's any method to use SD or CF cards.

All the best
i replied in my sell trade for ram extension.
i also worked and actually have some working prototypes for adding isa slots outside the central unit, and allow use of xtide/cf, and whatever you need as long it don't draw a lot of current.

but to get xtide/cf it to work, bios need to be patched first.
your floppy may not work correctly just because of the flat dallas :)

Is this a Computer that is running Software for a O'Scope? There is no Floppy attached to a TDS7104 O'Scope?

Best case is to locate the battery, remove it (or set jumper for clear CMOS settings if Motherboard has such jumpers)
and then power back up. It will correct the values to default.

What is Manufacture of Motherboard? I'd start there and find a Manual for it on how to clear CMOS settings.



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Ok thanks. I responded to your message on the main post.

i was curious if you had a build thread anywhere for this LCD-286/386 screen conversion you posted about back in 2017?

it looks really slick and id like to mimic your process if you're able to share?