VCF West New Consignment System!

Your wait is over! The new VCF consignment system is ready! After some bug fixes after a successful VCF East launch, the new consignment system is ready for people to enter their items!

Go here an register yourself and enter items:

Don’t forget to refer to the Consignment FAQ 

Refer to the webpage here for additional information about the consignment process.


VCF West Deadlines!

A quick reminder that VCF West is August 2nd and 3rd at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

In order to get everything organized before the event we have to shut down exhibit registration and speaker signups by the July 4th weekend. This year that means that the last day to sign up to exhibit or to volunteer to speak is July 7th!

Speaking of volunteers, we’re always looking for a few more. So if you have time, energy and, maybe, muscle to spare for us, shoot me a note!

Tech Swap Meet Sat June 22 near InfoAge


84 degrees with a heat index of 95. So bring water, a canopy tent and sunscreen!

We are again having our popular tech swap meet on Saturday June 22.

Information is here:

We will have John’s Cracker Barrel selling out of their food truck this time (yeah we finally found a willing and able food truck!)
I will see many of you there!
Stay cool!


VCF West 2024 Tickets Available Now!

Tickets for VCF West 2024 Aug 2 & 3, Mountain View, CA

The show is looking to be bigger than ever!

We will again be at The Computer History Museum.

Tickets available through this link:

Existing VCF Members were emailed the code for their 20% discount. New members can email us after creating their membership to get the code coupon. To get membership: To check if your membership is current just login to the credentials that you used to sign up.

VCF West 2024 Exhibitors!

Hello folks,

We’re less than a month away from shutting down exhibit and speaker registrations for VCF West.
The July 4th weekend represents the end of both so I can use the rest of July to get the program built, get the floorplan finalized, create schedules, etc.
So if you’ve been waiting to get your exhibit or talk registered, wait no more! We still have room for both, but I can’t promise that will last all the way until July!
This year’s show is already shaping up to be a great one so you don’t want to miss it!
Attendee ticketing information and pre-orders will be posted soon.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns or -especially- if you would like to volunteer to help with the show, please let me know at this email address.
Thank you!
Erik Klein
VCF West Showrunner

VCF West 2024

VCF East is in the books! Congratulations to everyone involved in this great event!

With that show put to bed, it’s time for us to turn our attention to the next big show, 3,000 miles to the West.

There will be a few notable changes to VCF West this year, including the following:

First, like last year, we’re still a Friday and Saturday show, with load in on Thursday.

This year we are partnering with the Computer History Museum to put on the show, so there will be some new opportunities opened up for everyone.

Primarily, there is now only one admission charge for the event, managed by the CHM front desk. We will be setting up ticket pre-sales and our VC Federation member discounts in the coming weeks. This admission will be for both VCF West and the Museum attractions so VCF attendees will be able to tour Revolution, Make Software and the like and Museum attendees will have full access to VCF Exhibits, Speakers, Consignment and the rest of the show.

Beyond that, we will be able to use more of the Museum. Once we have an idea as to what our exhibits will look like I will try to place some select exhibits in one or more of the downstairs spaces to highlight the show and to encourage visitors to spend time in the rest.

On that note, exhibit registration is now open for VCF West. We were just about at capacity last year so please bear in mind that I might have to limit tables and or exhibits this year. Maybe. Get your applications in early just to be sure!

We will also be hosting a Friday night meet and greet in the CHM Courtyard and in other parts of the open space downstairs. There will be food and drinks for purchase and an opportunity for everyone to relax after the first day of VCF while getting to know each other or just catching up.

The rest of the event will be as we know and love. Exhibits, speakers, consignment and tons of vintage fun!

We’re still signing up speakers, classroom instructors and volunteers. If you are interested please contact me! If you already have then hopefully I have gotten back to you. I am a bit behind, but feel free to remind me.

VCF West

Hello and Happy Pi Day!

With VCF East coming up fast that is the current focus of the Federation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t multitask!

VCF West is scheduled to occur on August 2nd and 3rd (Friday and Saturday) at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

This year’s show will be a little bit different than previous iterations as we are now a full partner with the CHM and not just a sponsored rental event. That will give us a bit more flexibility in how we use the space and should make the advertising for the show a whole lot better. It also means that there will be one admission price for both the event and the museum, taken at the CHM front desk.

We’re going to work on how to integrate our pre-sales and membership discounts into that in the coming months.

We have already started signing up speakers for the event but there is room for a whole lot more. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a talk or if you know someone who would be.

As usual, we’d also like to use the classroom(s) for actual classes, if anyone wants to sign up to teach what you know. Again, please contact me with interest!

We are also hoping to host a gathering after we close the doors on Friday Night. We’ll use the patio area out back of the CHM, and maybe some of the indoor space, to let people eat, mingle and geek out.

As always, we’re going to need a lot of volunteers to help with the event. Please let me know if you’re willing to jump on board and share some of your time and enthusiasm for this show or for any other VCFed related events in the Bay Area. We’d love to do swap meets, meet and greets, repair workshops, etc. All we need is folks willing to take the lead… Please, again, contact me if you are willing.

VCF East 2024 – Update #2

Tickets available now!

Jeff Brace will be giving updates on the current status of VCF East.

Streaming live: VCF East updates on Saturday, February 10 at 6:30PM EST

VCF East Main Page

Some important links:

Exhibit Registration (Only 8 tables left as of 2/4/2024)

Vendor Registration (Only 8 tables left as of 2/4/2024)

Speaker Registration (Room left for 1 more speaker)

Volunteer Registration (It always helps to have volunteers)

Hotel Blocks (Still some rooms available!)

Consignment registration will start March 12. We are programming the new system which will be ready by the end of the month.

More updates to come!