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Atari SF354 with weird PSU connector.


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Aug 27, 2016
Turin, Italy
I have found an SF354 with a weird PSU connector and I cannot find any info to make an adapter... :-(
The connector is a female DIN7... do somebody has info about it?
Thank you


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That is odd. I searched here and looked at all four documents with SF345 in the title. None had a 7-pin power connector. They had a 5 pin DIN.

Have you looked inside to see if the two "extra" pins are used or if it looks like it has been repaired?
I'm wondering if the original 5-pin socket broke at some point in the unit's history and was replaced with what the repairer had handy (a 7-pin PCB mount socket) - pins 1-5 would still be in the correct places and the extra two socket holes wouldn't prevent a 5-DIN plug from being plugged in.

I would meter between connections 1 through to 5 of the socket and wherever they go to, and if those five sockets are wired to wherever the five connections of a 5-DIN socket should go to, don't worry about the extra two.
Looks very odd. I suspect some one swapped it because they couldn't get a cable socket, or already had a matching. I might have a plug looks like a 7-pin 270 degree din. There are a couple on E-Bay UK. e.g.

but I'll check the loft later