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I've got lots of 3.5" HD floppy diskettes. All in cellophane. They were driver diskettes for laptops. I broke up quite a few for parts when I had my laptop business. I've been using these diskettes for my own needs for a couple of years and haven't had a problem with failures. You need to delete what's on them and remove the labels or put a new label over the old one. I can stick a bunch in a box and post them.


I hope this method of contact is OK.

1. I scanned documents for the NCR PC8. How can I contact the Oldcomputers-ddns.org website? I didn't find an email address.

2.My DMV is booting again with Gotek. Do you know anyone who has a DMV 10Mb image I could use with David Gesswein's MFM emulator? I'm still having no success with the hard drive.

Best regards

Jon Hales
By any chance are you still interested in the AST Ascentia A series laptops? I have 4 AST's & 2 Samsung Sens 500's (same but blue) in various states of repair. No AC adapter found yet so all untested 4 now. 2 of the AST's are missing keyboards, floppy drives, hard drives, CPU & maybe more? AKA parts machines. The other 4 seem complete with floppy drives and maybe batteries.

Don B.