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I got a message from a guy who had some experience with the 350. He asked me to give you his contact information anasana@ukr.net or anasana@gmail.com - he wrote that he reached his limits on pm. He is writing a utility for RX50 disks. I just followed his request.
I'm driving down on the 22nd and don't know what my wife and my S-in-Law have planned at this point so I'm not sure what day I'll be free to meet. There's a Harbor Freight across from a large Walmart on 309 in Quakertown. Walmart's parking lot might be a zoo. The Harbor Freight parking lot might be easier to meet up at. I'm not from the area and so don't know out of the way locations.
Impulse boug- I mean, snagged a great deal on a Compaq LTE Elite 4/75 CX off eBay. Gonna be fun getting it fully working again.