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Hi Doug,

I see you have an interest in Magnolia Micro. I have a MM floppy controller card for the H89 (I think -- that's what Herb J. told me).I don't know anything about Heath gear. I'm wondering if I might be able to sell it, and where I can list it for sale? I'd rather not mess with ePay. I suppose I could part it out for the chips (WD1797 + TTL), but I'd rather find it a good home.
Just watched the documentary tonight. Lots of great interviews with some legendary people! Congratulations on releasing it!

I have two Green 753 NiMH batteries packaged up for you. One Sanyo and one Panasonic. I am hoping that one or the other can provide you with a working circuit board etc. So I need your shipping address. I didn't keep a list of site names vs. shipping addresses and so need your address again so I can figure the shipping cost.

If you can come up working batteries I'll be buying a few myself.


Hi, a while back you mentioned this:
One thing I have been doing here is taking out the two memory boards on the CPU and replacing the 64k chips with 256k chips. Then you have a system with a base of 1mb of memory right off the bat.

Which 256k RAM chip are you using and where did you get them? I have a spare RAM card I might use to try this. Thanks.