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Data General One EL 2T Problems


Aug 19, 2023
So recently acquired an Data General One Model 2T with the el display, worked fine-ish however recently after plugging in the power adapter, the screen wouldn't display , then then machine wouldn't turn on. I managed to trace the issue down to a faulty/ loose power socket . The issue is I cant find a service manual or anything on how to get to the motherboard, and the only thing I can get to is the bottom soldering pins. I tried to solder those, but it doesn't seem to turn on. Can anyone help?


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It has been a while since I had mine apart, but if I remember correctly I think you have to unscrew the display hinges to take the top off.1000003787.jpg
removed hex nuts and screen, still wouldnt budge, another plastic bit cracked, a broke, i think im going to stop for now. I’m going to consider my options
First, remove the plastic DG logo below the screen to reveal screws to remove screen surround. This allows access to display cable.

I'm thinking after the hinge hex nuts are removed, those hinges are still held in place by a pin. I seem to recall having to gently pry the metal hinge inward to get it them pop out.

I do know putting it all back together was a delicate act with the display connector.