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Ignoring the Obvious


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Oct 22, 2008
Kamloops, BC, Canada
I'm looking through the 1984 IPO prospectus for Symbolics systems and it has a lot of buzzwords and numbers but I can't stop looking at how ugly this photo makes things look.


The consoles are taking up more than half the space in the photograph, of that less than 1/4 of that is actual angles where you can see the face of the tube. The rest is every other conceivable angle of the console, because length, width and height these things are larger than most houses.
Wasn't Symbolics famous for many mistakes? The bad photography in the prospectus didn't seem to stop anyone from investing.
Here we see the actual baddies of the story, time-travelling to the 80s to kill baby Voldemort’s parents by altering his birth records to say ‘abandoned orphan’, prior to their perpetration of the couple’s gruesome murder.