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Looking for Vectrex 3GE "no buzz" logic PCB or whole machine for reverse engineering


May 20, 2022
Hi all,

I've recently opened all of my Vectrexen, and found a ridiculous number of variations of ways the "PWB 35001A" logic PCB was populated. I have 3 variations of the values for C304-C306 (2 documented at console5, one matches the schematic). There were at least 3 variations of R329, R330, R202, and optional cap (need to revisit this...). And a 10K resistor that may or may not be present at a spot labeled J2.

One thing I didn't find was the 3GE "no buzz" variant. All of my machines are U.S. models, except for one Aussi. I'm guessing the "no buzz" PCB may only have been shipped in EU machines.

I'd like to get my hands on a "no buzz" logic board (or a whole machine if necessary), to reverse engineer it, document the differences and do (at least) a schematic for it in Ki-cad. Even better would be if someone has already done this, and I can just get a pointer to the documentation, and don't need to repeat the effort. I've been messaging some of the people selling Vectrexen on ebay.co.uk, but as you might expect there aren't many people willing to open up the machine _and_ ship to the U.S.

So... I'm looking for someone--probably in the EU--willing to sell me one of these, _or_ willing to act as an intermediary to connect me with someone who has one to sell and can get it to the U.S. I don't think I need to worry about shipping damage, as the crt (in the case of a whole machine) is the most likely thing to break, and I don't care if it survives, so I'd be willing to waive any shipping damage claims in advance.