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OS/2 Warp 3 and RS232


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May 25, 2021
I'm using a ThinkPad 385CD with a regular Pentium (not ED or XD, but labeled as 385CD). Using OS/2 Warp Connect. Install went fine onto a "massive" 2GB mSATA chip adapted to the internal IDE interface.

Audio and 800x600 is all working. Now I was hoping to get ZOC or the BonusPack HALite working, but so far no luck. The IBM TP Configuration tool seems to indicate both serial (COM1) and parallel are configured.

I have the WiModem232 connected to the serial port, at its default 300 baud (per its built in LCD screen). Seems all should be working ok, but not getting a response from the WiModem232 after I type AT or ATI (tried many times). The WiModem232 is powered and connected to the router (configured on a different system).

I guess the next thing to try is something like PROCOMM+ under DOS mode, instead of an OS/2 PM program (like ZOC). But just curious if anyone had any other ideas on what might be the issue.
Figired it out... The 9pin to 24pin adapter I was using was an inline loopback tester (the identifying label on the side is very faint to read). Replaced that, and all the terminal programs are working fine now under OS/2
That's nice and so I must not type some explanations but will say "Good done". (y)

What ZOC version do you use and where can I got a WiModem232?
That would be nice for my CP/M systems, all other are included in older or modern network.
IBM ThinkPad OS/2 drivers (original 1993/1994 OS/2 itself didn't come pre-packaged with drivers for the later model 1997+ ThinkPads - need drivers for audio, improved VGA support, and PCMCIA support to use an ethernet card):

ZOC and other terminal software for OS/2: (ZOC 3.17 and ZOC 4.15 available, English and German)
PROCOMM+ 2.X for MS-DOS also works fine under OS/2:

Best (IMO) WiModem232 device is from cbmstuff.com: (Jim really knows his stuff! great quality)
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Thanks, years ago I saved the elsa-ftp-files and had no need to look onto Ian Manners' OS/2 Site which I knew well.

I've installed on OS/2 (ECS2) and Win10 - but mostly use the WIN10 version on an old shuttle DS47 system in the basement to connect to my Z80 systems.
I added an hardcopy from my virtual OS/2 system which is identical to my real system which is like this one - a HP compaq dc 7800 USDT ( Ultra Slim DeskTop)


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