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Toshiba E.MI.S. and Tech Access converted from the Atlas CD's

Conventional Memories

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Sep 26, 2020
As many people here might know the Toshiba Atlas CD's are one of the great resources for Toshiba documents, diagnostics files, manuals, parts lists, etc.
And while many of the files on these disks have already been converted to more modern file formats and have been made easily available online, Two very useful Toshiba utilities haven't yet been made available: "TECH Access" and "E.M.I.S."
Both of these tools are in the form of Microsoft help files, and they contain a lot of detailed specifications and information on many of the Toshiba laptops that currently isn't available anywhere online.

So I decided to covert these into HTML pages
TECHaccess page at conventionalmemories.com/TECHaccess

and E.M.I.S. page at conventionalmemories.com/EMIS

They aren't perfect (yet). but could be very useful when looking for specific data like pre-launch codenames, display chipsets, Unix compatibility, and much more.