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  • Heh, thanks! I didn't get any vintage computer bits for my birthday, but I did set up my chocolate fountain and ice cream machine for the kids at the family reunion. Just seeing them being happy and hyped up on a choco-sugar rush completed a good birthday wish. (Although I did pick up some zip disks at a yard sale the next day.)
    Yep, thats Jim Perry. This game is a little different. Since this version of Card Sharks aired in the 70's, computers weren't around back then. Computers did come out during the 80's version of the show. The makers of this game decided to mix it up by putting in Jim Perry as the host and the rest of the set as it was in the 80's. My profile picture is Jim's "confused" look. It won't show up when its sped up on newer computers, but on older ones, you see everything. The picture is a little blurry, I'll try to find a better one.
    I must ask, is your profile picture from the DOS game Card Sharks? I found that game on the hard drive of my recently acquired Epson XT clone. :)
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