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Amstrad PCW 9512 and MS Windows 3.1


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May 15, 2019
From what I can gather no. Your system is a Zilog Z80 set up not x86.
Thank you, that saves me time searching the Internet, Glad I registered with VCF.
I will go ahead with refurbishing the 9512 and get it up and running (in time!).
I do enjoy using vintage models and want a word processor to run MS Word/Word Perfect. with an early version of Windows,
Maybe a later model Amstrad or IBM?? Please advise.
I sugest you post in the normal forum area so other members can participate. There are more older systems beside just Amstrad and IBM btw which would suite your requirements easy enough and not have to pay a premium.
Looking for an Interested Amstrad PCW 9512 User who wants to Pick-up Mine for Free in Portland OR. Bought it New back in the 80's and barely used it. In Storage for @ 25 Years. Outside is lightly Yellowed. Screen lights up when Powered, looks White, but wont Load my Original Start of Day Discs or any of the Copies I made back then. Makes a Sound when I hit the Space Bar like its trying to Read the Start -of-Day Disc but nothing Loads, so I do not know if I have a Hardware Problem or a Disc Problem. Comes with 10 CF-2 Discs, (2 Maxels New unopened, 2 Amsoft New unopened and 6 OS System Discs) and that Huge (?) Dot Matrix Printer and a Stack of Dot-Matrix Printer Paper. System was all set-up and Running properly as late as 92-94 (?) to the best of my Recollection. I dont Recall any Probs with it back then so was surprised that it would not Fire-up a few Days ago when I got it out of Storage. Im a Computer idiot and I see lots of knowledgeable Amstrad PCW 9512 Users here on this Forum so I am just trying to find an Interested User who can make Use of this System before I throw it in a Dumpster. Its some kind of CPM-Plus OS I believe and comes with a New LocoScript-2 Disc and a CPM Plus System/Utilities/Basic Disc. Somewhere in all that stuff I remember there was a Free Chess Playing Program. I see one Disc that I wrote "Spell Checker" on it and 3 Copies of the Start of Day Disc plus possibly some used Documents Discs.

So I was going to write The Great American Novel or some such Dream so I bought this Puppy but some Big Changes came along in my Life (a late Marriage) so that nev Happened and the Computer got Put in Storage sometime around 2000-2001 or so. Gotten Old now and trying to properly clear out some Old Projects from my Life so they might be of some Use to others. Not interested in Packing Up and Shipping the Stuff - Happy to meet someone here in Portland to pass it on to them if its of any Value to anyone in the Vicinity.

Oh Yeah, I dont properly know How to start a new Post on this Forum so I have Posted this as a Reply to someone else's Amstrad PCW9512 Post, so feel Free to Copy and move this Reply to a more Visible Post in an appropriate Location on this Forum Page where it might get seen by more Amstrad PCW9512 Users.