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AppleVision 1710AV Service questions


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2008
Kamloops, BC, Canada
I have three of these monitors. Two are crumbled messes of yellow plastic but I have another one which I bought about 14 years ago that's still completely unyellowed and was trouble-free until yesterday.

For those who don't know the 1710AV was a 17" Trinitron monitor sold by Apple with built-in stereo speakers, microphone and ADB software control and an integrated ADB hub. It also suffered from reliability issues. The most common of them was arcing in the high-voltage would corrupt the EEPROM that stored deflection, convergence, color and geometry data and in the worst case the high voltage section would completely shutdown. If you were within a certain serial range (SG522xxxxxx and less than or equal to SG628xxxxxx) you got an extended warranty due to them being a recall nightmare.

Mine is serial SG640xxxxxx from October 1996 which was quite late for the monitor series and thus had a number of the factory fixes already applied to it. Aside from the odd time it decided to twitch the deflection it had been flawless until finally the monitor will now work for the first few minutes when cold and then chrip, arc, the EEPROM values get scrambled and eventually the high voltage shuts down. If I leave it for a few hours it work again for another few minutes.
Since it's a Trinitron from a known problematic family I cannot tell if I am looking at a problem with capacitors, dust, flyback or another component failure. For how much some people desire these monitors and the lust others have for the Trinitron there's little to no discussion about their problems and the many fixes beyond reading the service manual and people mindlessly saying "just replace the deflection board". Come on now, You cna't tell me everyone who ran into problems with these monitors just threw them away. At least not in this decade.

Edited: As I was typing this I left the monitor running and it again kicked out after around five minutes, so I let it rest for another five, powered it on and it's been mostly behaved now for the last 20 minutes. The failures are completely unpredictable but each other time it started acting up either letting it sit for a while or turning the monitor off and then on again as the service bulletin says was all it took to fix it.