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Did MacOS ever have any sort of scripting ability?

Back in the day if an app wasn't scriptable, you could generally use QuicKeys to automate the manual controls. I did some crazy stuff between QuicKeys and AppleScript. You can tell it to click on particular x,y coordinates, type characters, like command s, and so on. It can be quite finicky, but you can often get it to do what you need.
It's also complicated by the fact that Persuasion insists on using "untitled 1.pdf" for exported files, unless corrected manually. Not a lot of thought--one would think that it would use the name of the original source file as basis. Thrown-together non-scriptable piece of trash--when it works. (I've had cases where it could get to the postscript file and then bomb out).

I'm using Persuasion 4 because of the export capabilities on 2.1 files. I suspect that the original 68K 2.1 was even more limited.
Scripting would help, but there is a tradeoff of effort and time vs just doing it manually. You could ask on https://macos9lives.com/smforum/ ...
The problem is that Persuasion is an oddball product that few have used and so know.
I'll just get 'er done and be done with it. I'm not going to have to do this again.