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Norton blocks forum.vcfed.org


Aug 12, 2003
New Jersey USA

some recent discussion of Norton blocking the forum from user's browsers who have Norton 360 protection. It's in the "off topic" forum, and so may be unnoticed by Forum management. I and the thread originator did not find this "VCF Support" forum to post about this occurrence here (if this is the place). The Norton behavior is kinda annoying and persistent but not consistent. This hasn't been discussed anytime recently according to a search of all forums for "Norton" . seems like an issue that might be referenced by some administrative post "here's what to do, here's what we do". - regards
Theoretically, this issue has been dealt with. If anyone else with Norton AV would confirm that the forum is accessible, I'd appreciate it.

- Alex
Are you a customer? Can you submit a ticket?

As a side-note:
Why are the folks here who use them paying for a website blocker service? Seems like a bad idea to me.

- Alex
I got 360 with my broadband provider and its a reasonable defence against click happiness sometimes. Throws up a 'are you sure' and makes you think rather than a blocker per se. Normally its just a quick click to dispute the automated protection and its done but this time it threw it back at me and still blocked. Disputed it a couple of times more and now it seems ok.
Are you a customer? Can you submit a ticket?
My employer is the customer.

With the malware designation coming from the OpenDNS side of things though, I'm not sure what the mechanism is to contest that. I'm assuming the request/communication would need to come from the website owner(s)?