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Seeking BrouHaHa Smalltalk


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Jan 1, 2020
London, UK
I'm searching for an old Smalltalk implementation from the mid-'80s called "BrouHaHa". A paper about it is browseable online here:


I'm interested in running it on a Whitechapel MG-1, but the paper says "portable" right there in the name, so I'm long-shot hoping that there's maybe someone who has seen it on another system (maybe one in the UK). If anyone has encountered it I'd be delighted to know...
It sounds very much like a research paper... you may be in luck trying to contact the author, if he's still around.
Thanks for the suggestion... in fact I have done, and he is still around! And still working on Smalltalk things: https://github.com/eliotmiranda

However I think that he has other irons in the fire for now and not a lot of time to dig through old hard drives.

I think that the program may have been a few places in UK academia, in any case---I know it to have been at University of York, at Queen Mary College (now QM U of London), and at Whitechapel Computer Works itself. There was never a good chance of finding this thing, but I hope there might be some chance...
It was written by Eliot Miranda at QMC (while I was a postgrad there). Eliot is based in SF working on Squeak last time I spoke with him.
I only knew the first bit (about Eliot Miranda), who we reached out to a while ago; see earlier posts in this thread. Any chance you squirreled away any copies of your own? :)

I don't know much about King Crimson, I'm afraid, except for something about mellotrons and a bit of guitar sampled in a Future Sound of London song. I had to dig a bit to find out what the reference was.