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Some projects I'm dabbling with.


Veteran Member
Apr 26, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
I thought I'd have a go at seeing if the VCF blog capability would be of any use. I have a few projects I'm working on (don't we all) and this might be a good way to keep my meanderings in one place, rather than have them disappear off as old threads on various forums. I have a bunch of other hobbies outside of old computers so I'm not sure how often I'll update things, but this placemarker blog post is a start.

Things I'd perhaps like to cover are:
  • an IBM System/360 console display
  • my attempts to get some low-end PDP-11s going someday
  • some old peripherals (ASR33, DECwriterII, VT 220 terminals)
  • a Fairchild F8 3850 development kit
  • Compaq LTE notebook
  • IBM 5150
  • Apple ][
  • Creed Model 9W Morse Reperforator (pre-war/WWII)
  • Other electronic stuff

I'm really only a newbie at a lot of this stuff (particularly the DEC gear) and generally a lurker here on the VCF so if I post something obvious or even outright dumb then please be gentle :)