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Toshiba T3100-20 Laptop memory upgrade ?


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Mar 2, 2007
London. UK
Hi Folks,

I recently won a Toshiba T3100-20 from e-bay. It works fine, it has 640K base memory, a 20mb HDD with DOS 3.3 installed and quite a bit of useful software. Even the 720K FDD seems to work ok.
My question is this, i have read in various places that the memory is upgradeable to 2.6mb using 30pin ram. I have taken my laptop apart (it is the 2 part shell type - top and bottom only), but can find no sockets for the extra ram. I can see the expansion socket on the right hand side of the case for a modem (or whatever else) but no memory slots.
Can someone please tell me where the extra ram is supposed to go? is there an extra plug in board with the sockets on it? if so any chance of a picture so i know what i'm looking for?
Thanks very much for any info,

Are the ram chips on the board socketed? maybe you can install larger chips. Do you have any pics of the system board? maybe there is a proprietary memory daughter card connector.

Or maybe since I see there were several models of the T3100, that maybe only later ones were upgradable?
Hi There,

The memory in this beast is soldered in, and there is no space for extra memory (as far as i can see). I can confirm that it is a bit of a nightmare getting the thing apart (the two shell parts are easy enought to undo, but a connecting cable from display (top shell half) connects to the motherboard (lower shell half), with about 2 inches of gap, and i cant see how to disconnect the cable!
I suspect that there is an additional daughterboard for the memory upgrade.
The bios shows / allows for ram above 640K so i'm sure that this can be given more ram.

Thanks for your response,
Everything seems to suggest that it is upgradeable to 2.6MB (forums even help getting this done, and the possible problems with different 30 pin memory modules), but there is no indication where exactly the memory goes !!
I can find no pictures of where the expansion board (if this is what i need / is missing) goes.
Thanks for your interest.

The thread(s) on here and probably elsewhere are dealing with a T3100-e; it has 4 SIMM sockets underneath the rear of the keyboard but they are so obvious that I have to assume that your board is substantially different.

Why not do as RW suggests and post a picture.

Here's my 3100e with 2MB added:

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Hi Tomasont,
Thanks for the links, however being in the UK makes buying from the US a bit of a pain.

Hello MikeS,
My board has similarities to your board, but definately does not have the 30 pin sockets. Infact the board is shorter and sits on the lefthand side with and expansion socket on its right hand side for an additional Modem board.

I will see if i can get a picture, but as i say getting a lot of room for a good picture is a bit tricky.
Thanks for your help and interest.

The 3200 has the RAM sockets under the keyboard by the qwerty keys too. I am surprised the 3100 20 does not also but i gave away my copy of this laptop to check.
For reference, here is a (sideways) picture of the T3100/20 RAM expansion slot. It is proprietary, you cannot find one of these RAM cards anywhere but maybe in another T3100/20, and it's on the right front of the computer under the keyboard.