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What are your current projects?

Dec 28, 2021
Portland, Oregon United States
Restoring a couple of TRS-80 Model 100s (one is working but needs a new memory backup battery and, of course, recapping; the other has issues (low contrast on screen even after replacing the pot, sometimes wakes up dead...but gets better with a switch off/on) and deciding what needs to be done with a just acquired NEC PC-8201a.

I'm also getting ready to jump into the almost-21st century with an HP Jornada WinCE palmtop that will likely need a new rechargeable battery pack (unfortunately HP was on a kick of doing these in a unique-for-every-model approach) and software to get it connected with my Mac (I hope) or a Windows system I have as a second choice.


Aug 11, 2021
Concord, NH
Powerbook 1400c/166 sitting by my desk awaiting a hinge repair. I picked this up last summer in pristine condition, replaced the drive with a CF card, and it works great.

After a few weeks of playing, I opened the lid to hear the plastic crumbling near the hinge - apparently a known issue. I haven't found a good solution online other than lube-and-epoxy-and-pray.


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