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  • I probably should go back and do some Computer Programming, I enjoyed using Turbo Pascal 3 with CP/M, I was using it though to break all the rules in CP/M Programming and using the Machines Firmware to generate programs more like the BASIC was on my Computer. Unfortunately it's been a while since I've done anything - I did a game which I had on my site which was a bit of a challenge, I was going to make it fancy, but never ever got around to it! :(
    I've just totally lost it on the forum now, don't know how I could ever go back to what I had, I disowned all my friends & changed by avatar and signature and even stuck around 20 Album messages (which are in images), disabled any form of communication, left silly messages in my profile and just argued to the point of nothing in the changes the Administrators have made. I might have gone too far, but I feel like I'm always the outsider, a couple of people supported my view, but the executives decided that if you don't like images, disable them, so I did and added all that other nonsense in with it so people can gaze at my wonderful avatar, signature and read about how wonderful it is to disable images.
    I have just turned on the Second one I was in - will probably get banned for what I've done now but I felt like I had a need to object, my objection was rejected which I'm unhappy about and felt it's been the last straw because I feel like I'm just a one man army which gets no consideration.
    They might be right in it I make a big deal out of a small issue, but sometimes even the small things count a lot. I guess it's simply my conflict between Natural Environment and my views on the Internet which are conflicting. Lots of people don't know that to understand the Natural Environment is to understand everything in this world, an Ant for example is small compared to us, but they can generate big things when they work together and do so much - part of the problem here is Introduced ants from Argentina are making a huge mess because their dispersing Weed Seeds into our Natura Values and simply because they can carry it around, it's an expense to clean it up!
    That's cool! I think the Vintage Computer Debate had been going since the Forum first started in 2003, but that wasn't the reason why I left. I've been tried down on these Musical Forums for the majority of last year and this year.
    Thank you for your Birthday Wishes! - sorry it's taken me nearly 8 months to reply - as you can see I don't come in here often now! :( Vintage Computers sadly seem to only be a past love hobby of mine and my nearly 25 year old Computer which sits 5 metres from me forever covered in protective covers!

    Are they still on about what a Vintage Computer is?
    Now I'm trying to get InstallShield3, but it's only available on BetaArchive FTP.
    Can you please get it for me? I just miss those installers!
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