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  • I'm trying the PM but who knows it might work.
    I like to read through the messages for the day before replying to any particular post. Since the post I just read is dropped from the New Topics and I didn't make notes as to where it was, I often lose the thread until someone else post. :(
    I wish there was some way to fix this so I can go back to where I was.
    I'd like to be able to keep track of the last time I was looking as the new post. I try to read every day but sometimes it might be a day or so. Knowing when it was the last time I read it would be nice and kind of correlates with the above deletion of the read post.
    I think, the personal title idea is kind of nice but not sure how it would be done such that it was useful. I've done many post and on some subjects I'm quite useful to others. On other subjects, I'm not of much use.
    Maybe, there could be a voting system but then what if someone was really great on one subject but not generic enough to get many votes. I do think it should not be the individual could control what is there but no idea how that might be done.
    So far, I've not got many likes but I tend to think it is because those that I've helped have seen me help so many others that it is just expected of me. What to do?
    Happy Birthday Lutiana!
    edit Whoops! Didn't relize there was a topic about it, I would have posted there instead.
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