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CP/M System Disks - Please Read

I really didnt either.... just had to say it. :D

I certainly appreciate your looking!!

I may have just found one compliments of kb2syd's post in 'Model 4 Terminal Emulator' thread...

They are .DSK files but I am sure I have software to work with them.... and I think my emulator works with .DSK images anyway.


I am pleased to say that I now have a working copy of CPM+ for the 4p...
An interesting note is: It will NOT BOOT on the emulator if the system is in 4p mode due to a 'fake' BOOTROM :roll: ...
It WILL work in Model 4 w/FDC mode...
A bit of a surprise, but at least it works!
NOW.... I have to relearn everything so that I can get it to work with the 3.5" drives... and MORE SPACE!!! I didnt keep the SSDD 5.25s once I got the 3.5ers working... so more emulator play-time is in order!
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Im trying to find a copy of CPM/3 for the Tandy Model 4/4p...
Altho I found a source from the site that has the emulator Im using, it is in ACE format and every winace Ive downloaded claims its 'broken'...

As long as I can find the system/bios file(s) I could probably connive a working system from it...
It neednt be in the original format... and could even be in a DOS folder.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I might be able to help you. I have an IBM PC/XT with a Matchpoint card and a modified 5.25" floppy drive, so I can read and write several hundred different kinds of 5.25" floppy formats. If I can download a CP/M image file I can _probably_ write it to the disk format your Tandy requires. (Probably. No guarantees.)
I appreciate your input but as I mentioned I was able to find it useable on the emulator...
It will likely need to be modified before I can use it on 3.5" drives...
Sheesh, where'd all this recent activity come from? Have I been gone, or what?

If anybody still needs CP/M+ for the Trashy-80 M-4 on original-type media, I know Mark has it. Whether he can lay his hands on sometime this century, I'll have to see but lemme know if it's still needed. (Last time I was over there he still had his 4 set up, but he has also swapped out the drives for 3.5", but kept the old media).

Any current information out there on where I might purchase MS-DOS 2.1 system disk for a TI personal portable computer?
Thank you