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"IBM 80" by Small Systems Engineering: Anyone have the disk(s) and / or docs?


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Jul 2, 2016
Hey, y'all.

I recently picked up an "IBM 80" by Small Systems Engineering, which is an ISA card w/Z80 chip for running CP/M-80 on IBM PCs. It requires a custom version of CP/M 2.2 to be used, which I sadly don't have. I've thoroughly checked for the software + docs at all the usual places including bitsavers, to no avail. I'm also in touch with a guy who has contacts who used to work for the company, sadly they don't have this stuff on hand anymore either.

If anyone's got these and could help me out, I'd appreciate it. The goal is not only to use the card but also learn about it and share info on the web. Thanks in advance.

Coprocessor boards, with the exception of the Apple 2 SoftCard, never sold in significant quantities. The support software can be elusive for sure. I picked up a PCPI "88-Card" almost 20 years ago (MS-DOS on Apple 2) and have yet to find the operating software.

I'm a patient man, and optimistic that somebody, somewhere, still has this stuff on hand. Added to which I've had great luck tracking down bizarre, obscure software like this over the years. So I'm prepared to wait.