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My condensed Commodore Cave :-)


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Jun 18, 2014
Nottinghamshire UK
Well, over the Christmas break I managed to get my second Amiga 3000 up and running after tracking the black screen down to a faulty Zorro riser... sadly though the kids revolted when ANOTHER computer arrived in their gaming room trespassing on their gaming space ha-ha so I have had to concede to their demands and box some machines up and put them in the garage. To be honest the big box Amigas are the ones I have upgraded significantly so they are the ones that get the daily use anyway :)

You can see all my other machines (I'm up around 40 machines all together), some rare upgrades and accessories on my homepage if you have five minutes to spare www.urbecks.com/commodore

But in terms of machines set up and running I have scaled it down from this:


To this:



Myself, the Commodores I have out and ready right now are the PET 2001 (with blue badge), 128DCR and the A4000T, though there is an A3000 next to it which is waiting for me to get a round tuit with Amix (yes, I have an A3070). You can see some of them in the panorama link below, but I like how compact your layout is. I need to update the picture for 2015.

There's lots of Commodores in boxes and storage, though, and three SX-64s in the closet which did travel and exhibition duty for the original VCF. No incredible rarities, but I do have a 1551, a couple Ultimaxen, a 116 (converted to NTSC) and a 64GS.