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Teaching Apple Cyberdog new tricks


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Mar 22, 2013
(not so) sunny (No) So Cal
I managed to locate an unopened copy of the Cyberdog Programmer's Kit book, including the full CD-ROM with Cyberdog 1.0 and the Cyberdog SDK. It really works and builds real Cyberdog/OpenDoc parts. There were also a number of interesting videos and documents on the disk, so here they are.

If anyone has, or knows where to find, the contents of the Apple Cyberdog FTP site at any point in its existence, I'd sure like to know. The website, at least from 1.1 on, is on the Wayback Machine, but the entire contents of the FTP server seem to be lost.
As for the whole FTP: no idea. For a later SDK, there's a CyberDog 2.0a2 SDK on the Jan 1997 Tech Seed disc (headers and PPC+68K stubs, but no sample code).