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The 5170 works!

DOS lives on!!

Veteran Member
Mar 14, 2011
East Tennessee
Finally got this heck of a computer working right.

The Intel Aboveboard came in last week. I put it in the AT, thinking it was going to be a pretty straightforward setup. But of course it didn't turn out to be that way. Setting up the board (software based) was the hardest part. I thought that the starting address was going to be 1024 and the ending was 2048, since it was going to provide 1mb of extended memory. But I had forgotten to add the existing 640KB to that, so now the starting is 1664 and the ending is 2688. After that, the AT would then detect the addirional 128KB of conventional memory it provided, and it now shows 640KB on startup. Something was still messed up. The Intel EMM driver was reporting that another card was providing memory, so it couldn't use the Aboveboard. I'd never seen another expansion card in it before, so I looked around a little more.

And to my suprise, this ARNET Octaport card I'd never used was providing a little memory, which was conflicting with the Aboveboard. I took it out, and YAHOO! It detected the Aboveboard's memory and promptly went to the C prompt! I checked the memory with Intel's utility, and it reported 2mb total. Now Windows 1 and Sigmaplot can fly.

The concept of expanded vs extended memory, and how much is in each has been overly nailed into my head.