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We need a car thread


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Mar 7, 2012
Cincinnati Ohio
So here's my new project that I picked up earlier this month. 5 speed, 32k miles and in dire need of a better suspension.

Getting ready for the new fuel pump 2 weeks ago:

I also have an 88 CRX Si that I hope to someday have the time and money to tear down and completely rebuild.

I know there's some members on here showing some old-school VW love. Let's see some pictures huh?
Did any of you car lovers see the auction coming up in Nebraska of the old car dealership that horded around 500 vehicles from the 40's through 70's and some were brand new, never titled with as low as one mile on the odometer. That family will make millions!!!

Yup...here ya go...


My old boss Toby Halicki of the original Gone in 60 Seconds fame would be there bidding if still alive!!! I have pictures of his car collection in my possession. Largest private collection west of the Mississippi.
This is my current project. 1984 BMW 533i. 177,000 miles, manual transmission. Was having fun with it until the clutch slave cylinder gave out last october. Currently getting it finished up!

My future classic . . .


2013 Camaro 2SS - 376 Cu In V8 - 426 HP - Brembo brakes - 16/24 mpg
I've got a yard full of Geo Metros if you want to call them classic. :) Tried the antique VW route, gave it up. I kinda like it when my headlights and brakes actually work. Drove a Suzuki Samurai from when it was new in 1995 until last summer. 210,000 miles. If I ever finish getting a clutch in it, I'll drive it some more. :)
I have to ask: what did you give for the Delorean? Looks to be in pretty good condition, though from what I've read, in virtually all of the models out there, the rubber grommets and seals around the doors and windows need to be replaced, as the stainless steel exterior would get so hot as to prematurely break down the seals.

Also..FWIW, I've been fortunately enough to sit IN the Delorean used in BTTF2 - I touched the Flux Capacitor and "set" the time circuits (actually, I just pushed buttons). Really cool... - and only lucked into it because there was an auction in Daytona at Mark Martin's old Classix Car Museum and I happened to see what looked to be the Clampett family car out of the corner of my eye... Quick U-turn, pulled into the drive, and was greeted with the most beautiful sight: one of the 3 1968 Dodge Charger General Lee's used for all of the close-ups in the Dukes of Hazzard TV show (I was drooling over this car - have ALWAYS loved it)... sure enough, it was the clampett car I saw, a Vette formerly owned by Dennis Wilson used in a Beach Boy album cover and signed by the band, the cop car driven by the boys in Blues Brothers, the GTO driven by Bruce Willis in Bandits, and amongst dozens of others, way in the back, under the tent where the outdoor auction was taking place, the BTTF2 Delorean. Which was being inspected for loading by 3 guys who were hired by the museum that purchased it to haul it away. My buddy and I chatted them up for awhile, and after a bit, they offered to let us inside so long as we didn't break anything. Uh. YEAH :) Really cool geeky 80's kid experience... loved it :)
I have to ask: what did you give for the Delorean? Looks to be in pretty good condition, though from what I've read, in virtually all of the models out there, the rubber grommets and seals around the doors and windows need to be replaced, as the stainless steel exterior would get so hot as to prematurely break down the seals.

$18,500. I couldn't pass it up. My local credit union gave me a 2.95% rate with 0 down. The car is in overall good shape but there's still a list of things I need to do but it's just a bunch of small stuff like re-install the review mirror, fix the power mirrors, power windows, left blinker(probably just blown bulbs), speedometer(it doesn't even go up to 88 so who cares). I just changed the fuel pump and next on the list is a full tune-up including oil change and new oil pressure sender. And the clutch line. And figure out why the brakes are so squishy.(Hopefully just needs bled again). And the blower motor. And doing something so the car can play music again. It still has the original radio but the power antenna isn't working and I don't currently have any cassettes. (I'm accepting donations!)

I'm finding that a lot people into vintage computers have interesting cars too. I was talking to a local fellow on craigslist about some old computers he had and I mentioned something about the DeLorean and he sent me a picture of his! There's also a guy on the ccmp list getting rid of some TRS-80s and he has a Bricklin SV-1 along with some other neat vehicles. It's a shame though because it sounds like his Bricklin is about 95% done but between his health and lack of interest from his kids it doesn't look like it will get finished.

My door seals are all intact, they just need new adhesive.
Man, I lost this thread... sorry for the late reply :) Definitely keep an album of your progress on the Delorean - I'd love to see it! There are two in the Daytona area near me, one of which is used almost daily. The other is a weekend driver about once a month. I did run into another completely restored and gorgeous example in Orlando once. Outside of the one show-car, that's about sums up my Delorean sightings.

And yes, I still want one.
Always loved the Delorean. I had the pleasure as a teenager to drive my bosses. While it sure wasnt a powerhouse, I thought the handling and steering was good, though I adored all the looks id get driving it.

Ive a 39 plymouth roadster, though its currently being rebuilt in my garage. An expensive and slow project.
My 1971 Mazda RX-2:



A friend of mine knew I was looking for one, and rang me with the details of an ad in the Sunday car sales classifieds. Just like vintage computers, it needed a lot of work and I probably paid way too much for it at the time, but I love it and it's the best fun on four wheels, and still beats a lot of modern 4WDs offroad. You can see some youtube videos of a few of my trips at http://www.youtube.com/user/1944GPW/videos and, just like this forum is big for old computing, there is a big site for WWII jeeps at http://g503.com/forums/ (take a look in the G503 General Discussion forum there to see some really great restorations underway).

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I know there's some members on here showing some old-school VW love. Let's see some pictures huh?

OK, here's my 1958 Bug:


I've had it nearly 20 years and drove it from one side of Canada to the other.

My WWII army jeep. 1944 Ford GPW, left hand drive

View attachment 14477 View attachment 14476

I always wanted one of those. I got to ride in a 1943 Jeep, but sadly it wasn't for sale. The guy who owned the 1943 Jeep told me that those old WWII Jeeps weren't really designed to last - just disposable transport for the war - so that they're not really reliable transport these days, just for occasional rides.
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Got another "classic". A 1981 Chevy Chevette. Paid $700 for it, and it's quite a nice car for the price! Very little rust and only 55,000 miles! I actually plan on stripping it down, sandblasting it, repairing any rust, repainting it and reupholstering the interior. Should be cheap and fun. Not many of these are left! People loved to crack on them, but when maintained properly, they are quite reliable, and they are very solid.


Car behind is my Dad's 2013 Honda Civic LX, and the car in front is my Mom's 1987 Cutlass Ciera.
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I need to dig up pictures, but...

Our daily is a 1979 VW Rabbit Diesel. Engine swapped to a 1.6L from an 81 or 82 Jetta by the previous owner. Four doors, power nothing, reliable and easy to work on. Still getting 45-55 MPG, depending on driving conditions and weather.

We've got a 1969 Ford F-600 dump truck as well. We bought it because we're doing a down-to-the-studs renovation of a house from the first half of the 1800's. It's a beast of a truck, one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. Almost everything is original, including the interior -- which, unlike the outside, is mint! Ford 391 HD engine with 4 bbl carb, will pull 6-7 ton loads of stone up whatever insane grade Hoosic Street in Troy is with no trouble.

There are also a number of Willys Jeeps, a M38 and two CJ-2As. The M38 made the journey down south to my parents' place, as I had to vacate the garage I was in (the guy I was subletting from got kicked out by his girlfriend, and moved all of his junk in). One of the CJ-2s is more or less all put together. The other is largely disassembled, purchased mostly as a parts donor.

I've also got a 1989 VW Fox that should be finding a new home soon...a friend bought it from me, just needs to come pick it up. Unfortunately (for the wallet!), my girlfriend recently became aware of the Willys FC150 and now wants one...so there's probably one of those somewhere in the future!